Comics I Read!

Some of my favorite webcomics! Check em out!


Cucumber Quest: A cute, beautifully drawn comic about bunny people going on an adventure. Cucumber just gets accepted into the

prestigious magic school he always wanted… Only to have the kingdom fall into the hands of the evil Queen Cordelia, who resurrects the Nightmare Knight and his Disaster Masters! Only the Dream Sword, wielded by the Legendary Hero, can stop them… and Cucumber just won the Hero lottery! Very funny and very colorful. One of my absolute favorites!

Devil’s Candy: In a world of monsters, high schooler imp Kazu creates Pandora – a real, living girl! – for his biology science project.

Hijinks and hilarious classroom adventures ensue. Fun manga-inspired artwork and a great cast!

Mare Internum: Michael is a scientist on Mars with intense psychological issues. On one final research trip, he stumbles into an

inner sea cave system beneath the surface!

Paranatural: In the town of Mayview, ghosts and spirits roam the streets, and only the few who can see them can protect the town

from paranormal menace! Max, the new kid, learns he can see and communicate with these spirits and quickly gets snatched up by the mysterious Activity Club.

The Otherknown: Chandra was a lonely kid until she got adopted by her famous and enigmatic Aunt Ajupris: a jewelry magnate

currently making a mining deal on the small moon DH-6! A normal enough business venture… but are there dark secrets surrounding these two? A comic by one of my best friends and fellow SCAD grad Lora Merriman! A fun sci-fi story with mystery and funny robots!

Rickety Stitch and the Gelatinous Goo: Rickety is a skeleton with a love of music! Which doesn’t endear him to his fellow

monsters. Along with his companion Gooey, he travels the world looking for his place in it, coming across ogres, gnomes, imps, and something much worse!

Sakana: Jiro is a panicky guy who works at a fish market with his brother Taro and has a huge crush on the girl working the cash

register across the market. Can he get over his nerves and finally ask her out? Huge cast of lovable characters by Mad Rupert, another SCAD grad!

Witchy: In Hyalin, the length of your hair determines your magical abilities and powers, with the longest manes being enlisted in the

kingdom army. Unfortunately, have hair above a certain length… and you’re deemed a dangerous enemy. Nynyve, a girl terrified of being chosen for the Guard, hides her long hair magically to avoid detection.

Neokosmos: A future where humans are kept in near-isolation by alien scientists to study. Tye, one of the test subjects, is sick of

being kept in the dark, and has serious questions that need answers. A comic heavily inspired by old school adventure games.

The Creepy Casefiles of Margo Maloo: Thompson, an aspiring kid reporter, is new to the city. His disillusion is shattered when

he discovers a hidden world of monsters, and a mysterious kid who solves problems for them: Margo Maloo!

Saint for Rent: Saint runs an inn for time-travelers, and has to deal with all manner of chaos turning his dainty life upside down.

Stuff like supernatural guests, timestream slip ups, and out-of-place friends and family. Drawn by my fellow SCAD grad Ru Xu!

Helvetica: A world where the dead return to life as skeletons with no memories of their past self. Helvetica is a freshly-dead skelly

trying to make his way in this new world and find answers for why he’s there.

Johnny Wander: Silly autobiographical comics and fun short stories from comic creators Yuko Ota and Ananth Hirsch!

Kiwis By Beat: cute, often darkly humorous short comic stories! Some of my favorites are “Minus” and “Great”

Lackadaisy: Lovingly drawn anthropomorphic cats having shady adventures during the Prohibition Era!