What do you use to make Hero+Plus?

My imagination!  …And Manga Studio 5!

At the beginning of the series (the first two chapters) I would draw the pages on Bristol Board paper and traditionally pencil and ink them all using a combination of art pens, brushes, and ink nibs. Then I would run them thru my ancient scanner one half at a time and do some minor editing in Photoshop. By the end of Chapter 2 (and a lengthy hiatus) I dropped traditional inking in favor of digitally inking on my Cintiq… and by Chapter 3, I dropped traditionally pencilling as well, to save time. So as of now, the comic is done 100% digitally!

When did you start Hero+Plus?

Hero+Plus was actually a story idea I had freshman year of college during a storyboarding class, way back in 2009. It was… really bad… but I held onto it and workshopped it a lot until it turned into what it is now! I began the comic senior year of college, and launched the site the year I graduated.


How did you think up the idea for Hero+Plus?

The idea for Hero+Plus kinda stems from what I wish superhero comics were more like. I’ve never really been a fan of mainstream cape comics, because they’re extremely tough to get into (years and years of canon) and often needlessly violent and dark (I don’t wanna see a guy get vivisected on page one!)

So Hero+Plus is kinda my take on superheroes, with a self contained story, silly characters, lighthearted jokes, and fun designs and fight scenes I can draw! I’m having fun drawing and writing Hero+Plus, because I feel it’s the kind of superhero story I’d want to read. If it sounds like yours too, awesome!

Who are your main artistic influences?

My main influences stem from indie comics and Japanese manga.

Some artists that have really left impressions on me over the years are: Akira Toriyama, Jeff Smith, Hiromu Arakawa, Jhonen Vasquez, Bryan Lee O’Malley, Bill Watterson, Dav Pilkey, Dr. Seuss, and Hayao Miyazaki

And of course, the many artist peers that I grew alongside at college and have met during my career!

Does Hero+Plus have a definite ending in mind?

Yes. Hero+Plus has a definite ending in sight, although it will take me a while to get there. Mia and all the characters involved in the story will (I hope) have satisfying character development by the end, and there’s a whole final arc I’ve planned out (that I’m really excited for!)

What exactly is the titular “Hero+Plus”?

Read the comic! But okay, actually: Heroman’s goal is to have a fully formed superhero team at some point. He calls this team Hero+Plus, and he has very particular details about what his perfect team needs to be. Mia got kidnapped by Heroman because he believes she could be the final member that he’s been looking for!


So is Heroman or Mia the main character of Hero+Plus?

Mia is the main character of the comic! The story follows her as she’s brought into Hero+Plus and has to adapt to her insane new surroundings.


What are Mia’s powers?

Her quick wit and determination! She also has a gun.


Will we ever see Mia’s brother again?

Uhh… he’s been absent from the story a while… but trust me, he’ll come back!

Why is the Monkey on the cast page?

He’s an important member of Hero+Plus!


Will you make characters kiss in this comic?

Maybe! But my main focus in Hero+Plus is action and humor, so don’t count on much romance. You are, however, free to draw Jaywalker making out with Heroman all you want!

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Thank you!